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Yoga and Relaxation Classes

I had the pleasure last month of attending a Yoga and Relaxation class with the amazing Emma Kelly.

I had been feeling incredibly stressed out and had gotten to the point where I could have burst into tears I was that exhausted of keeping my head above the pool of life. I felt so relaxed, empowered and very refreshed after this class.

Emma was incredibly accommodating and even discreetly came and helped tailor a few of the posses for me to help with my post surgery knee. She gave me the confidence that I could do Yoga again following my injury.

Emma holds various classes and workshops over Northampton, and one in particular I would like to talk about is her gentle yoga and relaxation summer class on Thursdays 09.30-10.45am.

This class is designed for busy women who need some "me" time to relax and renew the body and quieten and calm the busy mind.

If you are working in a stressful, caring job or you are a mum you may not be used to taking care of yourself and you are always making sure everyone else is OK.

Taking time out of your busy life to look after your well being is so important.

This class will give you the time to be in a calm, quiet environment to move the body in a way that feels good and release tension.

You will experience deep relaxation and rest to nourish and restore the body and mind.

These classes are great if you are experiencing stress, anxiety and sleep problems.

Beginners to yoga welcome.

This class takes place at the Elgar Centre, 1A high Street, Northampton, NN5 4EN.

This term is a short 4 course, due to it being the summer and starts on the 2nd August.

To book your space on the course please go to Emma's website here: https://www.yogawithemmakelly.com/yoga-classes.html

Emma really does take a more in depth approach to yoga classes than I had ever experienced before, and I highly recommend anyone who does yoga already or really wants to give it ago to get in contact with Emma to start your yoga journey.



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